14 Funny Family Pranks / Sister vs Brother Prank Wars!

10/24/18 19:00

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A hot dog with worms! Makeup covered in jelly! Mouse soap! And a magazine with slime! Watch funny family pranks in our new video! A sister verses brother prank war is going to begin!

Supplies and tools
• Soap
• Felted wool
• Needle and thread
• Grey cord
• Felt
• Hot glue gun
• Beads
• Empty roll on deodorant
• Liquid slime
• Magazine
• Plastic
• Utility knife
• Glass cup
• Decorative glass paste
• Clear bowl
• Instant gelatin
• Water
• Food glitter
• Textured foam rubber sheet
• Fabric paint
• Memory foam
• Scissors
• Lipstick
• Orange
• Balloon
• Long grain rice
• Hot dog
• Black food marker
• Toothpick
• Empty glitter jar
• Broken brush
• Nutella
• Mini Nutella label
• Slippers
• Cellophane wrap
• Fondant
• Semolina
• Gummy fang teeth candies
• Double sided tape
• Cardboard
• Mirror frame
• Big piece of paper
• Silver bouquet wrapping
• Clear silicone phone case
• Velcro
• Little toothbrush
• Little toothpaste
• Decorative label
• Keys
• Keychain rings
• Pompoms
• Clear plastic wrap
• Rubber bands

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Song created by Heather "1 Luv" Gayle
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Engineering by Tyler Metz