Best Fails of the Year 2017: Part 2 (December 2017) || FailArmy

12/22/17 14:00

Enjoy part 2 of the best fails of the year. Let's continue to celebrate 2017 with the funniest fails and videos we could find. Please let us know your favorite, we're pumped to start 2018 off with a bang, stay with us.

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Guy Gets Hit Trying to Catch Drone with Bare Hands [external link]
Girl Breaks Light With Confetti Cannon [external link]
Gun Flies out of Girl's Hands [external link]
Man Nearly Gets Hit by Exploding Refrigerator [external link]
Truck Accidentally Runs Into Tree During Gender Reveal [external link]
ATV Loses Control and Crashes into Crowd [external link]
Guy Flies Off Motorcycle [external link]
Guy Rides Canoe Down Escalator [external link]
Guy Gets Science Experiment All Over Face and Hair [external link]
Baby Stunned to See Beet Root Juice All Over Sister [external link]
Guy Pets Chihuahua to Relax [external link]
Kid Gets Hit in Face with Inflatable Ball on Obstacle Course
Woman Breaks Traffic Gate While Doing the Limbo [external link]
Guy Walks Into Light Post While Watching Fish [external link]
Girl Tries to Record Birthday Message while in Pool [external link]
Father Scares Son With Creepy Doll [external link]
Guy in Costume Scares Woman [external link]
Man Scares Wife While She Cooks Dinner [external link]
Quad Crashes Into Car [external link]
Kid Runs Into Tree With Electric Scooter
Girl Wipes out Running to First Base [external link]
Carp Slaps Guy's Face [external link]
Guy Nearly Gets Hit by Fallen Tree Branch [external link]
Lion Bites Guy's Hand
Hummingbird Pokes Man's Eye [external link]
Guy in Wheelchair Fails to Back Away From Fireworks [external link]
Car Explodes in a Yard [external link]
Girl Pets Cat's Butt
Guy Tries to Do Yoga with Dog [external link]
Praying Mantis Gets Run Over by Skateboard [external link]
Partner Yoga Takes an Unexpected Twist
"Woman Slams into Sand While Attempting to do a Cannonball
JV" [external link]
Woman Falls Attempting Barbell Snatch [external link]

Cake Smashes into Woman's Face During Selfie [external link]
Parked Car is Covered in Bird Poop [external link]
Kid Falls While Trying to Scooter Down Ramp
Guy Crashes Into Automatic Door While Cycling Down Stairs [external link]
Guy Trips While Dribbling Ball [external link]
Guy Tries to Do Basketball Trickshot [external link]
Grandpa Complains About Not Being Allowed to Buy Game [external link]
Hiker Falls While Filming Scenery [external link]
Glider Crashes into Tree [external link]
Mom Breaks Bed in Attempt to Jump [external link]
Drone Crashes Into Balloons [external link]
Suit Cases Fall Off Conveyor Belt [external link]
Little Girl Rollerblades Indoors [external link]
Ocean Waves Wipeout Hula Hoop Performer [external link]
Bidet Sprays Girl [external link]
Guy Falls off Ladder after Dropping Chandelier [external link]
Kid Rolls After Bumping into Exercise Ball
Cockatoo Closes Basket Lid on Cat [external link]
Dog Tries to Get Through Barrier in Car [external link]
Dog Misses Jump Into Car
Guy Hits Ball Out of Park and Hits Car [external link]
Construction Workers Lose Control of Water Hose
Sunglasses Fly off Girl's Face [external link]
Girl Tries to Ride Luggage Cart [external link]
Boy Faceplants Grass After Going Face-First Down Slide [external link]
Kid Crashes Bicycle Into Bleachers
Guy Tries to Jump over Barricade [external link]
Snake Steals Boy's Fish [external link]
Little Girl Confuses Weed and Weeds [external link]
Boy Falls in Homemade Robot Costume [external link]
Dog Steals Baby's Cracker [external link]
Broken Wall Nearly Falls on Man
Construction Worker Falls off Ladder [external link]
Driver Scares Mother Awake [external link]
Girl Falls into Lake [external link]
Black Bear Attacks Man [external link]
Daughter's First Word is a Super Hero [external link]
Guy Tumbles into Trampoline Net [external link]