Funniest Videos - Cockroaches VS People

08/26/17 05:21

(Instead of Killing roaches, 1 comedian's view on it)
Comedian Ambrose Jones talking about his perspective of roaches growing up and more!


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Subtitle dialogue:
Forrreal man I had so many roaches growing up that I grew up confused I didn't know I didn't know if the roaches stayed inside OUR house, or we stayed inside the roaches house I used to be at home watching TV roaches used to be looking at me like why is you sitting on OUR couch why is he watching OUR TV this OUR house we were here first I was like aw my bad my bad. Forreal man you ever go over somebody house and it smell like they got roaches? Like as soon as you walk in there, you smell sumn that don't smell right... you like some spell unfamiliar around HERE.... that was our house unfortunately My friend came over our house for summer break for about two weeks soon as he walked in our house (He didn't say hey to my two sisters, he didn't say hey to my momma or none) SOON as he walked in he said "EWWUGHH Ambrose, its smell like yall got roaches." you know I couldn't get mad at him because I couldn't deny the fact we had roaches. so I just looked at them and I said "Well your nose did not deceive you this time!" because if you walk past this living room into this kitchen we're gonna see if your eyesight is as good as your smell cause you gonna see ALL these dam roaches in here!
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