Hilarious Cat Fails (April 2017)

05/02/17 12:00

Enjoy these hilarious cat fails, some of them are just mean though!! Which feline is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section and don't forget to submit your funny fail videos to FailArmy.com!!

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Clips in compilation:
Man in Cat Mask Scares Cats [external link]
Cat Can't Jump [external link]
Cats Fight for Cardboard Box [external link]
Cat Sits on Automatic Vacuum and Falls [external link]
Cat Climbing Toilet Poops On Floor [external link]
Cat on Leash Tries to Jump on Table [external link]
Cat Falls off Cat House [external link]
Cat Slaps Cuddling Cat Friend [external link]
Cat Falls Out of Easter Basket [external link]
Cat Falls Off Ladder [external link]
Dog and Cat Fight over Bed [external link]
Grind On Me Fail - Cat Goes Flying [external link]
Cat Jumps on Owners Shoulders [external link]
Printer Scares Cat when Paper Comes Out [external link]
Cat Falls off Bookshelf Backpack [external link]
Kitty Falls Asleep While Biting Toe [external link]
Cat Flips Backwards [external link]
Cat Jumps Off Door Into Mirror [external link]
Cat Interrupts Yoga Video [external link]
Cat Falls In Bath [external link]
Cat Falls Off Door Lands on Feet [external link]
Cat Jumps Off Bed and Hits Mirror [external link]
Fat Cat Stuck In Soda Box Falls [external link]
Cat Latches onto Loaf of Bread [external link]
Cat Falls Jumping on Curtain [external link]
Cat Almost Falls off Chair [external link]
Cat Tries to Jump into Cabinet with Pillow [external link]
Fat Cat Struggles to Flip Over [external link]
Cat Protects Computer Mouse [external link]
Cat Slips on Rug Trying to Jump on Table [external link]
Cat Tips Over [external link]
Cat Tosses Other Cat off Roof [external link]
Cat Jumps for Toy and Runs into Mirror [external link]
Cat Falls off Window Sill Trying to Swat at Neighbor Cat [external link]
Cat Rolls off Fridge [external link]
Cat Runs Into Stove n/a
Clumsy Cat Tries to Jump into Bathtub but Gets Scared [external link]
Cat Pulls Gauze out of Jars [external link]
Cat Scares Other Cat [external link]
Cat Jump to Fridge Fail [external link]
Cat Tries and Fails to Open Window [external link]
Cat Jumps in Air and Lands on Girl's Head [external link]
Cat Comes Out of Nowhere and Slaps Guy [external link]

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